Major Adam Chappell's Unit Medallion Image

Major Adam Chappell’s Unit Medallion

Adapt Recruits Veterans to Write the Next Era of Online Brand Strategy

Adapt Marketing is growing—again­—and proudly announces an opening for a Writer, seeking a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, preferably with experience in journalism, to join the team and continue to drive growth and industry leadership.

Brian Chappell, owner of Adapt Marketing, says his brother Major Adam Chappell has inspired him over the years with his service in the military. “I am in awe of the unique skills and work ethos that these men and women have,” Chappell says. “I’ve also witnessed firsthand some of the needs and challenges facing veterans, not just in the line of duty but also when they try to return to civilian life. We’re excited to open up a new initiative where Adapt Marketing recruits veterans.”

An experienced veteran is exactly what the Adapt Marketing team needs. Given ongoing business growth projected into 2020, Adapt is looking out onto the next era of online lead generation and seeks to bolster its ranks with the addition of this Writer.

Since first opening its doors in the United States in 2008, Adapt Marketing has been growing brands through innovative audience development strategies, watching an entire era of tactics come and go while continuing to drive success. Its recent cornerstone project was sold for 6X EBITA after Adapt grew it from $2 million to $15 million per year in revenue. The team’s tailored blend of lead generation and business development practices are unique across the SEO space.

With a focus on competitive practices, Adapt Marketing helps businesses achieve success through consulting and execution-based, ongoing relationships. “Marketing does not exist in a vacuum, and so neither should the work,” says Chappell. “We take a comprehensive analytical approach that’s focused on driving results—we under-report and overdeliver—as we build partnerships with our clients and invest in their success.” Methodologies like strategic outreach are key to Adapt’s ability to create the impact their clients expect.

Adapt has the means to manage, soup-to-nuts, MarTech all the way through to the creative and brand communication output that is the day-to-day of the business. It even engages in industry PR and building influencers from scratch, with one of the influencers having recently been invited to give a presentation at the West Point Military Academy.

Adapt builds brands. This relies on strategic thinking and dedication to seeing the work through, executed thoroughly, even in the most challenging of circumstances. As Chappell notes, “If there’s anyone who can get the job done, it’s a veteran of our armed forces.”

For more details about the open role, visit the Careers page of Adapt Marketing here.

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