ADAPT Net Impact: $23,000,000 + newly attributed annual revenue from Web[request case study]

B2B business models can see great success via digital connections. Connecting one business who has a problem to another business who has the solution can be very impactful. Problems that once plagued industries are just a few clicks away allowing for new business models to thrive.

Adapt Marketing has great experience tending to and plotting the growth of B2B Models. Although each scenario is different there is a framework of sorts that typically plays itself out.

Lead generation -> sales funnel -> follow up -> close sale ->long term relationship/retention

One of the best things about B2B models are that there are many non traditional touch points along the way to reach your customer. Innovating inside of B2B models can some times be easier because the ROI can be there. Compared to other models such as eCommerce it can be more one way or the highway sort of approach to innovation. Either you place your inventory in Google PLA or you wont accrue those eyeballs.

B2B can experiment with a new app and pull away 5 new clients but fail in the long run because it wont grow past that, however, those 5 customers paid back the experimentation 2 fold.

PROTIP: Mergers and acquisitions present unique opportunities in the B2B space as there is an ability to infuse Subject Matter Expertise into a Brands war chest. Very often Subject Matter Expertise is not being monetized properly and the cost for acquisition around such expertise is reflected in that.

If you are operating a B2B model where you feel a strategic partner would help grow the business then reach out today.

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