About Brian Chappell

Brian Chappell is the Managing Director of Adapts suite of investments and projects. He comes from a background of design and UX in the late 90’s where he found his affinity for Web based businesses, taking that through his collegiate endeavors and on into the professional world of digital marketing where he has helped many¬†companies grow to great success.

Brian has refined his craft and has been passionately focused on it since 2005 helping him have an expert view on how the world uses and finds information. He has seen websites climb the rankings, get sold and go on for another decade of business. Brian has lead projects that have turned from side project to full fledged businesses over the years as well as helped several Mid-stage organizations grow from 8 to 9 figures.

Brian’s recipe of market growth and product development oriented strategies is available to specific businesses who are looking for a Digital Partner. If you would like to see if your business is the right fit for the Adapt Marketing team, contact us through our form.